Really cool primitive index cabinet refinished

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What a great piece of furniture. I really liked the

primitive construction of this beauty.

Primitive index cabinet

This piece was made by hand, don't know what

its original use was, obviously some sort of index

filing cabinet. It was used in the shop to organize

nuts, bolts, nails, and the sorts by the current

owner's grandfather. It will now be a home decor

furniture item in the living room.

Cream finished index cabinet

Lots of drawers for small storage items, this 15

drawer cabinet was painted a shell/cream,

distressed to show the dark original primitive

finish that has stayed apart of this antique cured

wood. The contrast of the original stained wood

color with the light cream/shell finish is beautiful.

top of index cabinet

The distressed marks on the cabinet are authentic

to its vintage history.

front view of primitive index cabinet

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